Von Restrorff Effect

Von Restorff Effect

  • Proposed by psychiatrist Hedwig von Restroff (1906 - 1962).
  • Also known as Isolation Effect.
  • Isolation Effect means an item that stand out from the peer or group.
Examples :
Figure 5.5.1: super lebat shampoo
The designer added the word of "super lebat" on the shampoo product. Therefore, it ables to attract customer attention and found that the shampoo is really effective since the word of "super lebat" really convincing especially for those who really suffers from getting falling hair or bald.

Reverse Effect
  • People remember the unique item but the attention it grabs the emphasizes the other items.
  • Remember less overall.

Figure 5.5.2 : pencils

The pink pencil is more outstanding than because the colour of pink pencil is unique from others pencils.

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