Archetypes is a design principle which is about the common pattern of a design across culture . It is like the unconscious pattern which only will be visible by observing certain similarity that something has no matter where the character or product is found. The concept or archetype is common in storytelling and it is related to a brand associating itself to a certain trademark or sort of character. According to Jung's theory "Archetypes are the symbols, the patterns of thoughts that rise out of the collective unconscious". 

Figure 1.0 Various  brands of diapers
If the first word that comes to your mind when you see that picture is Pampers , you have just thought of an example of archetype. The brand Pampers has becomes so synonym and most people still refer to diapers as pampers. As figure 1.0 shows a lot of other brands of diapers but Pampers is one of the most widely known and recognized all over the country. 

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