ockham's razor

"Less is more " is perhaps the suitable saying that springs to mind when we talk about this design principle, Ockham's Razor. When two products that perform the same functions but one is designed in a complicated way and the other one is less it , people tend to choose the simplest one . The statement of Ockham’s you Razor implies that unnecessary elements in a design or formulation decrease it’s efficiency (and increase the probability of unanticipated consequences).  The key is to keep the design simple, but no simpler, without compromising on the performance. 

Figure 1.0 DSLR camera

Figure 2.0 Hero4 Camera 

Figure 1.0 shows the DSLR camera which is a simpler design of digital camera , compared to the one in figure 2.0 . It has a simpler design although both has the same function. It is more likely for people to choose the latter than the former for its simple design for is is easier to use it . 

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