design where people can avoid error and reduce the negative consequences that occurs.
 the user will start to learn, explore and use the design due to forgiveness design provide a sense of security and stability.

Forgiveness design consists of:

  • Good Affordances
  • clear physical appearances influences the user to use it correctly
Figure 5.6.1 A wire give good affordance to connect printer with a PC (Personal Computer)

Figure 5.6.1 The Printer also give a good affordance

From the picture above we can see that the USB plug that connects printer with the laptop can be used correctly if user plug in with the correct shape

  • Reversibility of action
  • actions is reversed --> error occur

Figure 5.6.3 Table in Lecture Hall 

When user wants to use the table, they can change the table position to their front and they can reverse their action by changing the table position on the original position if they do not want to use it.

  • Safety Nets
  • reduce the negative consequences

Figure 5.6.4  Brake handle for motorcycle

Figure 5.6.5 Brake handle for bicycle

These picture is about a brake on bicycle and motorcycle. Both of this brake is design for safety nets where user can use it to stop their transport or make it slower.

  • Confirmation 
  • verification that is required before it pursues the action

Figure 5.6.6  LED mostly found in electronic device such as television

Every electronic devices have a LED to show that the confirmation about electric current flows and the product is function well. For the situation that related to the picture, the TV is off using the remote control but the current flow is still on due to the switch is plug on.

  • Warnings

Figure 5.6.7  Warning sign that is found in the User Guide book

This is a warning from the designer for user to take a precaution before using the product such as TV

  • Helps

Figure 5.6.8 (a) 

Figure 5.6.8 (b)

Figure 5.7.8 (c)

Figure 5.7.8 (a),(b),(c) Show the steps of how to set up the television found in User Guide book of a television.

These pictures are about guiding books. This book is design to guide user how to prepare the TV properly.

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