Iconic Representation

is an icon that represent something to user.

Similar icon
An icon that symbolize the same as the simple action that is applied.

Figure 6.6.1 Increase and decrease the volume buttons

Figure 6.6.2 Zoom In version

When fn and f10 button is pushed the sound is mute. While fn and f11 is pushed, the volume is decreasing a little bit. When fn and f12 is pushed the volume is increasing

Example icon
An icon that symbolize an action / object / concept that is more complex.

Figure 6.6.3 An aeroplane icon that is used in electronic devices is different meaning with the aeroplane icon used in the map or roadsign.

An icon that use an aeroplane as an icon is not refer to airport but it is use as flight mode symbol.

Symbolic icon
An icon that symbolic something with an abstract meaning

Figure 6.6.4 Goat as a symbolic year in Chinese calendar.

Goat is a symbolic icon for this year in Chinese calendar.

Arbitrary icon
·      An icon that is different from the action or it does not relate on anything.
·      An icon that need to be learned by human

Figure 6.6.5 Both the icons above that is used in laboratory report especially in a subjects that is related to electric circuits.

The icon (on the upper) is an icon for a battery; Tall=positive; Short=negative. While the (on the lower) is an icon for switch = opened / not connected .

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