Colour acts as the main role to make a design with the help of colour wheel tool. Colour helps to attract attention. Colour also plays main role to enhance the aesthetic part of the product which mean the combination of colour that been used in the design make it more visually interesting. However, if it is applied incorrectly, colour might harm the form and function the design itself. Therefore, we have listed 3 main rules for a good design in colour perspective.

1) Number of Colours

  • use color conservatively
  • use color purposely to attract attention
  • don't rely on color alone, use other attention
  • consider the color blindness

2 ) Colour Combination

Must use appropriate combinations of colors
Combining colour by using adjacent colour on the colour wheel, opposing colour on the colour wheel, colours at the corners of symmetrical polygon in the colour wheel  or colour combined found in nature. 
For instance;
Use warmer colours  for foreground elements and cooler colours for background elements.

3 ) Saturation: 

  • Using saturated colour when attracting attention.
  • Using de-saturated colour when performance and efficiency.
  • Bright colours usually perceived as professional and friendly.
  • Dark colours usually perceived as professional and serious. 
  • Saturated colours usually perceived as exciting and dynamic. 

Be cautious when combining saturated colour as they can interfere with each other and causes eye fatigue to increase.

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